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06 January 2006 @ 02:44 pm
Not something I expect to go down as my greatest work; this is so MST material, but it's not meant to be too serious, just exploratory deviance. Sometimes, you just have to let the beast go free, lest it gnaws through the bars of its cage, and you never get it back inside. If it knows it's going to get a little run from time to time, it'll be that much the tamer. This is me taking the beast for its walkies. XP Oh, and also trying to get the hang of writing-as-deity without getting too bogged down in the purple, or at least making the purple more palatable (note: the operative word is "trying"; I don't make any claims to having succeeded, but this is practice).

Warning: Dark Lords, gore, non-consensual gubbins alluded to, purple prose, and general maleficence; Zophar POV. Only read if your idea of catharsis is indulging in a bit of sheer, shameless, entirely imaginary depravity; if you're the type of person who looses that restless energy by imagining yourself roaming the land as Godzilla, tearing great chunks out of cows with your teeth. Don't read if you're Ruby, though you probably will anyway. And then you'll kill me. Don't read if you're Lemina, because you'll probably never come into this world again. I mean it now.Collapse )
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...okay, so this is yesterday's news to the only other member of this comm so far (unless we've had new ones over night... zomg. o.O), but posting it here anyway for archival and linking-to purposes. Slightly edited version, nothing to reread for, but link this, rather than the one on my journal, if linking desired.

Title: Five Rites For Passage
Author: Corin Arkadios (Racoati)
Fandom: Lunar: Eternal Blue
Pairing: Jean/Lemina
Rating: ...you know, that's a hard one. There's not strictly any explicit sexual description, but there's everything else but, including some kinks. R? M? Judge from warnings?
Warnings: Mild bondage, breathplay. So consensual it squeaks when you rub it.
Wordcount: 7,300, give or take.
Summary: Lemina sets Jean an examination for entrance to the Magic Guild, but Jean's creative response to the task forces Lemina to confront a few control issues. A sequel-of-sorts to my altcanon rewrite of the EB ending, Integrity, though perfectly readable whether you've read that or not.

Fear had haunted Lemina Ausa, but it had never yet bettered her, and it wasn't going to start today.Collapse )
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29 December 2005 @ 03:00 pm
A brief introduction from your moderator here, welcoming all comers to participate in the crackaddled insanity that is our very own Lunatic Parade. Kick off your shoes, settle down, warm your feet by the fire and swap your stories over a nice frothy mug of Larpa's finest; the more rumourlicious the better.... Here at the 4th Avenue Tavern we don't judge, we don't flinch, and we laugh in the face of squick (ahahahahaha!); we're all merely here for a common purpose: to hear tales that explore the uncharted territories of Lunar (and certain other "uncharted territories" as well).

I suppose it's only fair that as your host for this evening, I start us off: as a matter of fact I have several tales for you, of considerable length, as told by myself and the most capable bard raimei. Venture over to that bookshelf back there and pull out a volume....
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