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You Need A Spanking!

Lunar Slash, Oddpairings and General Crackfic

Taste Our Refreshment!
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Who? A community for fanfiction writers and fanartists in the Lunar universe (covering the videogames Lunar: The Silver Star/Silver Star Story Complete, Lunar: Eternal Blue/Eternal Blue Complete, the Lunar manga series(es), and any other games under the Lunar umbrella such as Magic School and Dragon Song) who have an interest in exploring alternative or unusual pairings in their work, particularly (but not limited to) slash pairings.

What? Feel free to post your Lunar fanfic, fanart and drabbles (behind cuts, with rating/pairing information and summary outside the cut - a typical format for fics is:


discuss Lunar pairings and matters related to the Lunar fanfic community, and generally enjoy yourselves. Fics don't have to be explicit, nor do they have to be slash; the only requirement is that the pairing is nonstandard (i.e. not generally accepted as canonical by Lunar fandom). As a rule of thumb, if there are fifty fics about it on FF.net, it doesn't count; this is a haven for marginalised and exploratory pairings, not retreading old ground. Beside that, the usual rules: no hatred, no posting explicit content outside of cuts, no severely off-topic posts. Everything else is fair game, no matter how weird! Just post warnings ahead of the cut and you're ready to go!

Where? Here in this community, and over at Eternalism, where a good few fics and arts are already archived.

Why? The Lunar games are fascinating and poignant, yet largely explored, works; the Lunar fanfic community is heavily centred around canonpairing and original-character fic, while other, more popular videogame series (such as the FFs) attract more daring works that shed new perspectives on the story and characters. We think the world of Lunar needs more attention and expansion: if you agree, this is the place for you!

How? Just join and start posting!
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